Therapy for the Heart

March 23, 2020

By Jacqueline

Three things we should pay attention to:

What you feel

What you think

How you react

As we journey through trying times, we are often faced with challenging questions that bombard our minds like an unwelcome guest. This, then creates a whole can of worms filled with assumptions and sometimes false narratives.

For example, I have heard we are in this together over and over, but honestly, some are not willing, really willing to open their hearts to even a conversation. So, I take a deep breathe, and ask myself these three questions: 

what am I feeling?, what am I thinking? and how will I react to it?

When connected with spirit we feel more ease and peace within. Thoughts are clear, and precise. Reaction to hurt, fear, pain envy, jealousy, conflict, judgement and worry are met with understanding, love and forgiveness.

May we all find our truth! May there be healing for all beings and our planet. May you find peace within.


Asana:  Hindolasana , aka (Leg cradle pose or baby cradle pose)

Benefits: calms the mind, opens hips, strengthens and stretches groin, relaxes lower body, massages the digestive and reproductive organs

Chakras: Root, Sacral