Meditation Challenge

May 20, 2019

By Jacqueline nalule

Five days since the meditation challenge ended and I have so much to share. First of all, it was a delight knowing that no matter what was going on, I had to show up and sit for 5 mins. That’s all it took. Though there were days that I fought it and made excuses to get out of it, I think my pride and ego interjected then...that still small voice of reason would kick in and say, this is good! This is good for you. Get up and dive in. And so I did. 

Now granted I have been an avid meditator for over a year now the simple process of a challenge made me cringe.  Knowing that someone else is keeping track of my process was nerving. But when my mind surrendered to it, I found it liberating in the sense that the pressure does not have to exist. There is no wrong or right way to meditate, as long as you show up!

Knowing that I was experiencing several sensations during meditation and sharing with others later discovering that they too felt something was refreshing and encouraging. Loved the challenge!  I would do it again!