Loosing Loved Ones!

March 4, 2020

By Jacqueline 


It has been a roller coaster ride of emotions for the last few months. When you have family members transition past the earth plane, that loss has you thinking a mile a minute. If you have made peace with them before hand, what you have left is joy and gratitude that they were in your life. however, when there is a lot of unspoken truths lingering, when there are moments not forgiven and questions unanswered, that is when sh*t gets real!

This "realness" has a way of affecting friendships, partnerships, parenting, your sanity and day to day activities. I feel so numb from loosing so many family members over that last five years collectively!!!

Importantly, I want to concentrate on the recent lose. My identity has never been defined by my biological dad because he was not a daily presence in my life.  However, the last few months have been a huge question mark. My dad transitioned at age 78 after loosing his battle to an illness he refused to share. No problem, his truth! so grateful for having known his beautiful spirit! A month before that, my grand-dad that raised me transitioned in his sleep at 91 years of age. He lived his life to the fullest!

Both males on a different spectrum were a beckon of light in my life and I shall always treasure this memory!

Today, each waking day though filled with gratitude, I also find myself standing alone in this journey of life. sometimes, wondering whether the choices I make on a daily are beneficial for my loved ones. I guess it's because of the intimate conversations I had with my loved ones before they transitioned. We live in a life filled with fear, regret and ego. I am learning that those last few moments, everyone goes through the same thing..., having the same question...have I made the most out of my life worthwhile?

So, I find myself continuously and mindfully reminding myself that love is the ultimate state of forgiveness! Loving oneself fully leads you to the answers you need in revealing whether you are enough for others, whether the choices you make suit you for your highest good and whether you should allow humanity to continue defining who you are as something to be ashamed of. So I say, ENOUGH!

This noise will drive one mad. ENOUGH!

Take a breathe and drive on!

This too shall pass, I tell myself. And I shall only dwell in the house of the Lord filled with love and forgiveness, because I am enough!

Remember to honor your loved ones with love and forgiveness, I think they would want you to.


Asana: Pada Urdhva Dhanurasana variation, aka (one legged wheel)

Benefits: relieves depression, increases balance, opens lungs, strengthens arms, shoulders, spine, legs, abdomen, and increases energy.

Chakra opening: Solar plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye, Crown