Holidays and practice

December 3, 2019

By Jacqueline 


Have you ever wondered why some people get through the holidays with little to no stress while others seem to fall apart? Me too! 

Balance comes into play during holiday season. Paying attention to only what makes you feel good is key. Optimal energy balance is what am calling it. A healthy balance between feeling good and being drained because we all know holiday season is a time to give and share. Not everyone does though, hence the draining taking play. So I find myself finding a healthy balance lately by practicing chakra flow.

Keeping a healthy balance whether through the company we keep, conversations we have, what we eat, how well we sleep or what we think about. If it feels draining, it is NOT worth it! Take a breathe and re-evaluate. And this is okay too!

Happy Holidays my friends:)

Chakra chart by Maryann Pershni