October 13, 2019

by Jacqueline 


Ahhh, happiness my old friend.

Happiness for me translates that Love truly is patient. We often meet people in our lives and you wonder why they picked you as the human to love and be friends with.  And my friend picked me. Little old me to be her friend. To see her happy in all her bliss, filled my heart with so much Love that I hope everyone can experience loving another, genuinely loving another human being  at least once in their lifetime:) I feel so lucky. My hubby was absent but it made me appreciate what we have. A Great friendship! Great friendships help you through the happiest of times and it saddens my heart when the forgiveness which follows love is hard for me to apply with myself. The finger should point at ourselves. As I continue to grow in practice,  I am forgiving myself because I am choosing to. Yoga allows me to forgive myself in the moment of practice. I choose to feel grateful! Ha, yes of course I felt the mom-guilt when I left for the out-of-town wedding. I chose to forgive myself then and was then able to fully enjoy in the witnessing of my friend’s bliss. Of course, The children’s surprise welcome home party was the cherry on top. Universe approves, wink :) So thankful:) Goes to show you that happiness is key! 

Asana: Garudasana

Benefits: creates relief in lower back into glutes and thighs, strengthens quads, legs, knees, cuffs and toes 

Chakra opening: Root, sacral, solar plexus

Image: @brsteven88