Finding healing during Covid-19 / take 2

August 6, 2020

By Jacqueline


Like a grasshopper waiting, a baby bird in a nest finding confidence to fly for the first time, a child waiting on it's mother or father's permission, a new born waiting to be born, a patient in healing, a grandparent ready for exit, a plant waiting to sprout or bloom..., I too wait patiently. For the world to transform into the best version of itself. For world healing. For this fog to pass. For all of us to do our part in showing up in our own lives and doing our best each day. 

It is now five months in this Covid-19 era and we are settling in full adjustment that things will NEVER be the same. In some regards I find this to be  a relief and in others, not so much. For example, like dominos we change as life throws curve balls. some lessons are learned and others not so much. So we get to re-learn those lessons, again and again. If we remember (outside of life's noise) and are mindful enough, through meditation, yoga, movement and exercise are a great start, only then will we graduate to a threshold that creates changes for the better. BUT if/when not mindful, we repeat the same lesson. So which one are you? which path do you choose? Mindfulness and gratitude or the latter which is tough love so to speak? 

Not all moments can be easy to maneuver through. But as long as we march forth with vigor in our intention of doing the best with precision each day, I think we shall be alright. Let us be about this!

May we journey forth with integrity, love, peace of mind, and most importantly gratitude.

Thank you for being here! Om Shanti :)

Asana:  Chaturanga Dandasana aka Four-limbed staff pose

Benefits: strengthens arms, wrist, core

Photo credit: @brsteven88