October 2, 2019

By Jacqueline 


Feeling the blues as seasons change is a bittersweet, one step in front of the other dance for me. I laugh when I think about it. I mean, really think about it.

  • Spring comes and we are excited because we love watching plants come to life flirting with our hearts as we wake from winter hibernation. We smile as we pass one another excited for new life is beginning...
  • Summer appears next with so much joy and seduction that we stumble in with bliss, enjoying every moment of it as it seamlessly mesmerizes us. But before we drown into copious bliss...
  • Fall, uh fall:) Best teacher of all! For me at least, I find fall season to carry lessons ever so gentle and kind. We let go and release what we do not need. Both emotionally, spiritually and physically. The leaves glide off the trees for us to witness the beauty of how easy it can be To Let Go! Teaching us to let go as we embark  ahead into...
  • Winter, this blanket of beauty and mystery leads us into a rest period of rejuvenation and self preservation all-the-while sharing love at a climax so astounding, the angels sing! And then, back to Spring we go!

Goes to show you how important it is to live in the moment. Enjoying these moments with gratitude in our hearts.   Positive consciousness to heal what feels heavy. Tomato/To-mato so to speak.

I started practicing yoga and meditation out of curiosity many years ago which led me to becoming a little more open in having nature as my teacher. It's just that some seasons are harder teachers than others.   The accumulative benefits though that I am now receiving, are worth it. We are worth it!

Asana above : Rajakapotasana/ King Pigeon pose

Benefits: improves digestion, helps aid flexibility in hips, stretches lower back