Being Enough

July 6, 2019

By Jacqueline Caraway


Having grown up in a culture that asks so much of you in the light of perfection, I have had to tweek, watch and censor every sense of myself. It was becoming extremely exhausting till one day, I simply said ENOUGH!

I have had to measure my happiness and who I am, based on everyone else’s approval. A people pleaser most of my life. It was not until I reached my 40’s that I now give myself permission to just be. To light my own path. Celebrate every moment my way and be that beacon of freedom for someone that needs to allow themselves permission to just be as well! I am enough and so are YOU! 

Meditation is key! To sit in silence in the midst of all the noise a mind will have, eventually that noise seizes because then you become the witness to that noise. You are choosing to be here through every breathe, through every thought. And when you are still, you realize...YOU ARE ENOUGH!